Temples, psychedelic rock from Britain

Temples psychedelic rock on Undercover Rock Life

Four-piece band from the earth of England, half way from London to Birmingham close to Northampton, Temples are a crystal talent and play a convinced psychedelic rock provided with a modern touch.
The band was initially formed by duo singer-guitarist James Edward Bagshaw and bassist Thomas Edison Warmsley as a home studio project and only later on, after caught the attention of Heavily Records, the band was enriched with other two elements – Sam Toms on drums and Adam Smith on keyboards.

Their sound is undoubtedly psychedelic, well structured and well balanced in terms of harmony and beats where the vintage mood emerges in all his strength and modernity

Waiting for the full-length production scheduled in 2014, here below you can check the last issue Mesmerise on SoundCloud with other two selected cuts for you…videos Keep In The Dark and Shelter Song are a deep dive in the 70’s psychedelic visual. Impressive.

From your Undercover Agent,