Rambo Hollywood, brand new sound

Rambo Hollywood UndercoverRockLife

Rambo Hollywood is clearly a mystery man and he does really good what he does…playing with the shadow. A few rumors turn around his figure but it seems that anybody knows much more than heard legends on him. I had a look on his FB page,  one of the first things I do in searching for info on new bands, and the initial caption on Rambo Hollywood’s profile sounds fantastic, really different from all the others I’ve until now  read: “Find what you love and let it kill you”

With fresh personal touch, Rambo plays something definitely new for the actual scene, shaking opposing sounds and technics in favor of a really unique style.
This way, he moves onto lands that sound each time different one to another but always coherent. All his remixes are full of taste, anything is left to the case.
Definitely, Rambo has a concrete ability of measuring and balancing exactly the tone and the personality of the track to sound innovative.

Here below check my selection from Rambo’s Soundcloud profile.

From your Undercover Agent,