Best of 2013, the selection for stepping into the Next Big Thing

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During the last year I’ve started this new adventure UndercoverRockLife branded. It gave me the chance to express my thoughts and give breath to my voice into music world. Until now and from now on, my main intent is to explore the fringe side of music scene and bring to light new bands and sounds. This way, discovery is an essential element of UndercoverRockLife, actually the main one. That’s why I love talking about new emerging talents as result of an intensive research process. 

So far, here you are my selection for 2013 brand new sound.

HAERTS – Hemiplegia

From NY, Haerts sound a new wave of emotional aesthetics which impress for the melancholic touch, at the same time hopeful and warm with a little bit of darkness. Hemiplegia is the first EP for now. Waiting for the full length album in 2014, I do appreciate the work done until now. The path is tracked and it seems to be made of future success.


CHVRCHES – The Bones Of What You Believe

Do you like synth pop? If yes, Chvrches is your band. The debut album – The Bones Of What you Believe – sounds pretty good, almost perfect. Fresh and unexpected, the band shapes a unique sound made by 80’s influences, hypnotic harmonies and a well defined musical structure.


LUCIUS – Wildewoman

Sync singing, matching stylized outfits, plus a 60’s sound: here you are Lucius, a matter of mood. 2013 is been generous with them and I really believe that 2014 will open the door to the success they deserve becoming strong protagonists of the forthcoming year so far. They’re actually are main characters of my music library.


BLOOD ORANGE – Cupid Deluxe

Dev Hynes – AKA Blood Orange – is now under mainstream lights and I’m glade of this. He deserves all celebrity and awards that music scene is giving him. A great sense of pop, spiced with funk and groove is the magic recipe of this great issue of 2013: Cupid Deluxe, an intense as well as fresh and clever window on modern music attitude. Don’t miss the ground-breaking of 2014 music scene.



London Grammar is a three piece band which shake and shape a unique mixture of indie pop spiced with classic touch and electro mood. They’ve been one of the main band of 2013 thanks to special featuring with Disclosure, amongst the others, with which have given to light one of the main success for Disclosure: Help Me Lose My Mind, also remixed by SOHN (if you like the refined electro pop by SOHN and Disclosure you well realize the importance of those collaborations). If You Wait is a debut album full of amazing songs which gives breath to the enormous London Grammar’s talent. Among them my choice is Nightcall – cover track from OST by Kavinsky of motion picture Drive.


ARCADE FIRE – Reflektor

No doubt, Arcade Fire made something special this year, they made Reflektor, an incredible album which found into the co-producer James Murphy‘ abilities new blood for a new sound. The reason why I really appreciate Arcade Fire last work is due to the fact they didn’t limit themselves but they took lots of risk in doing a certain research process which is far away from all the previous successes. For sure, the help of James Murphy and the support of the White Duke are elements that cannot be ignored but in any case Reflektor shows Arcade Fire’s ability to go beyond the status quo and renew their own music process.


DAVID BOWIE – The Next Day

2013 is the year of David Bowie. Impossible to say the opposite. After 10 years, the White Duke has come back to the scene with a work – the prophetic The Next Day – which is already source of inspiration for many musicians. During his own long career, David Bowie is been always considered more than just an exuberant and talented musician, and now he deserves to be included into the temple of music among bigwigs like John Lennon, Miles Davis and Elvis. He is a pillar for actual as well as the next generations which will be inspired by his capacity to renew the standard of the music scene. Each time he comes out with something new, it’s time to rewrite the rules. That’s maybe the reason why James Murphy has felt the need to make a tribute to this giant remixing Love Is Lost, out from the extended version named The Next Day Extra.


From your Undercover Agent,