World from a window for Anna Calvi’ new video Suddenly

Anna Calvi Suddenly

One Breath, last Anna Calvi’s creature, is profound and well structured. You should listen to if you didn’t have already the chance. It worth.
In all last production a wild and western flavor – cinematographic I mean – echo. Anna’s voice is very peculiar, romantic, passionate and scratched: something in the middle of Patty Smith and PJ Harvey. She’s more than just a promising, I really do think.

For this last issue Suddenly the feeling is still the same. Focused on the essentials, the whole sound is choral, no special effects but on the contrary it’s a concrete path to Anna’s heart sound. Songwriter, the londoner singer is an amazing painter: words are her own brush strokes. Definitely, one of the protagonist of the forthcoming 2014.

From your Undercover Agent,