The Civil Wars’ version of Portishead

The Civil Wars

After the success of the first album Barton Hollow of 2011 spiced with the Grammy Awards as Best Folk Album, in 2013 The Civil Wars released the second full-length record with the same name: The Civil Wars.

The american duo folk pop formed by singer-songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White is getting full attention from the scene as co-inventor of a new sound: the gothic-folk power ballad. The great success of the past two years is now confirmed by last issues, yes more than one, more than the just an album.
Indeed, during this last year the band is releasing a few EPs which confirm CIvil Wars’ very productive artistic vein. This last one brings me to the main point of this article: the last track Sour Time from the new EP Between The Bars, out as special edition on Columbia Records. 

The track is the famous Portishead’s cut from the first album Dummy, greatly arranged, perfectly in line with the duo’s style and its new branded sound. One of The Civil Wars’s abilities is doing fantastic covers – Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) and Dance To The End Of Love (Leonard Cohen) amongst the others are a few examples – here the original cut has a new flavor and a more elaborated studio sound compared to first mentioned issues.

From your Undercover Agent,