Baby Alpaca’ introspective point of view for new video Wild Child

Baby Alpaca

Baby Alpaca is a NY based band formed by Chris Kittrell and Zach McMillan, lead singer and guitarist, which in June 2013 released the first EP with the same name fulfilling the introspective pop folk portion of the scene.

Now the first official video is out for Wild Child. Let’s say Wild Child is a good track, actually the very good one from the EP Baby Alpaca.

Like after have gazed the sun, all colors are altered as well the perception of the world around, here the video gives the same feelings. The desert skyscraper combined to altered views of visions made of colors well design the overall feeling of the track: an introspective look. Chris’ voice is incredible profound, a soft touch that reminds me Morissey, overfilling the minimal instrumental part of the song. No special effects in terms of sound, actually it’s just basic, simple but effective harmony which well tune the leading voice.

All in all, I really love this work in terms of visual and sound, emotional tuned undoubtedly.

From your Undercover Agent,