The Killers with Just Another Girl: it’s time to move on

The Killers - Just ANother Girl Video

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the return on the scene for The Killers with the good job done with Shot At The Night. Now it’s time to get more from Vegas guys with the last new single and video out Just Another Girl

This track has the valuable sound of band’s past, it has the good taste that has given to the band a huge popularity and a good place and position into indie’s scene, mainstream progressively. Even if my expectations were higher than this, the cut is a simple and effective ballad, perfectly in line with The Killers’ mood and with the concept of the last album DIrect Hits, a sort of “best of”. Coherently, the video for Just Another Girl is a clear ensemble of the most popular videos the band performed until now….a best of too.

Finally, the whole sounds like a deja vu, a kind of tribute to all which has brought the band on top of the scene only few years ago. 

“All of my friends say I should move on” Brand Flowers sings. Prophetic words?
Perhaps. From my point of view, the time has come to look to the future.

From your Undercover Agent,