After The Disco – Part Two – by Broken Bells

Broken Bells Part Two After The Disco

A few weeks ago I introduced a short film, actually the first part, for presenting After The Disco, the upcoming album for Broken Bells.
Now it’s time to find out what’s happened to our beloved space lovers.

Here you are the second part of this great experiment on how to introduce an album with unconventional and excellent approach: Holding On For life.
Part Two is obviously the follow up of the story. We left the leading actor when meeting an ET nice girl in the middle of a real dream. And now we follow the two star-crossed lovers experiences onto a space ship where things get more psychedelic, especially during a party that get the man in trouble!

Waiting for the end, enjoy this stellar love story spiced by the incredible sound of the duo Mouse-Mercer aka Broken Bells with Holding On For Life via SoundCloud.

From your Undercover Agent,