Wampire new video: The Hearse


A couple of decades ago, in the middle of new wave and post punk just were The Cure  only and Bauhaus before.
Now it’s time for Wampire. They’re out now with the album Curiosity via Polyvinyl Records.

Like watching an old – more than simply vintage – MTV video from early 90’s, you can watch here a fabulous dejàvu called The Hearse, the last video by Wampire‘ production.
The feeling is unbelievable, it’s like being in a time travel and just ion one second you are questioning yourself if this is an actual production or someone is kidding you with an old video came up from the bottom drawer.  And the sound…the sound is astonishing.
It’s like being threw in the 80’s UK.
It’s a wow effect!

This is for everybody that loved and loves that times.

From your Undercover Agent,