Arctic Monkeys on tour: 14.11.2013 Milan

Arctic Monkeys AM tour 2013

No doubt, Arctic Monkeys are in a wonderful shape on AM tour, even considering the last defections due to the frontman’s healthy little issues. Milan was confirmed and yesterday I have had the honor to see AM’s show.

As we know, they don’t play perfectly but – and I quote Doc a friend of my – “perfection is not their talent”. That’s why I like AM. I do appreciate their inaccuracy, very rock’n’roll, their ability to change in times in playing and styling – without walking away from their origin – and now in the approach to the live performance too.

Arctic Monkeys AM tour MIlan

If you used to see the band playing almost without participation, now that time is gone, Alex Turner got catch up lessons of How To Stand On A Stage. The result is a sexy moving Turner in a black suite with a 50’s hair style and a too much short show, just one hour and half considering their production, very detailed actually but a little bit cold.

In any case, the felling is that the stage is their place, for playing for sure, less for having a big show which is, at the moment, totally structured and stepped on in a precise way, with no chance for jamming.

By the way, since the beginning to the end, the sound was pushing and strong, well developed. Guitars and vocals were ok, drummer Matt Helders is been fantastic as always, really impressive until the end of the show. R U Mine is still vibrating in Milan.


Finally, I like them as the sound I would play with mine hypothetical band and that’s why I would just encourage AM by spreading the voice with a very blonde girl who was attending her first AM concert and answered to the question about her own feedback on the show saying: “It’s been fantastic, their so good…9 out of 10 for me!”

From your Undercover Agent,