Album stream: Cupid Deluxe by Blood Orange

Dev Hynes_Blood Orange

Dev Hynes – AKA Blood Orange – is a British singer, composer, producer, songwriter…almost everything has to do with music. He worked with Florence And The Machine, The Chemical Brothers, with Sky Ferreira at her debut hit single Everything is Embarrassing and now, New York based, he’s working for himself and his upcoming LP Cupid Deluxe out on November 18 via Domino Records.

Here you are the second single and video You’re Not Good Enough from his forthcoming record where Hynes seems to be possessed by Prince while playing a glossy riff like as his shoes.

So now, dressing Blood Orange mask, Hynes is given off all his pop creativity splashed with funk and groove. A compelling songwriting alternating romantic sax and hip hop beats describe the heterogeneity of Hynes’ music background and New York’s influence on his production at the best which is confirmed by the wide choice of NY’ cuts for producing the the full album stream Cupid Deluxe on his YouTube channel.

Devoté “Dev” Hynes, one of the most prolific and exhilarating musician around.

From your Undercover Agent,