James Murphy plays David Bowie


A few weeks ago David Bowie announced that he is preparing The Next Day Extra, an expanded version of the last full-length album The Next Day with which the White Duke has surprised the music scene after a decade of silence.

Waiting for the three-disc expanded edition out on November 5 via Columbia, here you can watch the video and taste the resound of Love Is Lost by James Murphy. You will know that it’s Murphy’s brand name cause you’ll definitely start tapping feet.

Strongly different from the original version, Love Is Lost is now an emotive reworked version of the original one done by Bowie. Not just a simple remix, Murphy did a dramatic reediting in between of the celebration of an influential artist like Bowie is, and the act of giving a new sense to the song, a new structure and a new path which shake and twist Bowie’s world for imprinting Murphy’s way of thinking.

I love the combination Murphy-Bowie and the creature James Bowie / David Murphy.

From your Undercover Agent,