Pins & Punk: 90’s around the corner

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Guest of this article dedicated to Fashion & Music is Nothing To Amend – one of the most important Italian style consultant, fashion blogger, cool hunter – which makes me a big “present” being part of Undercover Rock Life project in From Music To Style section.

Let me soon spread the voice to Alessia about Pins and the Punk mood:Pins Punk

The exhibition “Punk: Chaos To Couture” at MOMA as well as fashion shows for next autumn-winter have shown taste and flavor of the upcoming mood: 90’s are around the corner and Punk with them, as element of rupture, reinterpretation and re-keying of codes that defined an era. Flannel shirts, tartan, amphibians, black, metal, studs, fishnets and the great return of the lug-soled shoes: these are the main themes we’ll find in fashion for the next season which represent this style perfectly in line with nowadays, now more than ever.

by Nothing To Amend

I can’t be more agree with her!
Punk is punk and it’s coming back screaming and shouting just like Pins with their last single and video Girls Like Us from the second album with the same title. From UK, cradle of punk movement, Pins clearly define their intention of being a girl-rock-band with a clever and aggressive aesthetic, a well-finished sound in between punk-lo fi-dark pop and wearing a “bad girl” look on their faces. They perfectly embody the female version of the movement through their own words: “I don’t know who you think I am No one will ever understand”

Three simple rules for Pins: have fun, play hard, stay up late
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