Shulamith by Poliça

Polica Shulamith

Shulamith is an Hebraic girl’s name meaning Peace. For Ryan Olson and Channy Leaneagh, Shulamith – here you have the chance to go through a first listen thanks to NPRMusic – is the second studio album for Mom + Pop Music – out from October 22 – which combines the peaceful and refined Channy’s voice with manipulations and undulating rhythms by Olson for creating a unique mixture of synth pop and R’&’B.

Would have been difficult for them to go beyond the debut album considering the great sound they played in it, but I do think they finalized a notable second full length record where all the key strengths are reinforced and new experimental paths are well stepped.

The record sounds as a unique flow, different moments but into a continuous flow where it’s possible to recognize a broad spectrum of music colors. Very Cruel and Warrior Lord are the most intense pieces, Vegas and Torre have a fantastic smooth mood, Matty and Spilling Lines show a new touch for Polica.

A clearly well defined music aesthetic in between avant garde and easy-listening.

A proof.

From your Undercover Agent,