Lucius, soulmates

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Co-founders and lead vocalists Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig look like twin but they’re not actually related in any way. Both 28, they met as students at the Berklee College of Music and then, post-graduation, moved to Brooklyn in 2007 for assembling a band through friends and neighbors and performing perfectly in sync. Yes, because you might not know that those two girls sing in unison perfectly…a natural dolby surround in other words!

Additionally, they costume and style identically: they dress the sound – Jess said Holly. And the sound makes the difference: catchy and distinctive with dance-inducing percussion, magnetic 60’s harmony and an indie pop soul. That’s Lucius.

After the self-titled EP, the debut album Wildewoman will be soon out on October 15. Here you can taste the unison mood with Turn It Around.  Stay tuned for the complete review.

Like them in two.

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