Haerts, at the crack of dawn

Haerts_all the days

A few days ago I introduced the new EP from HaertsHemiplegia (a curious name that indicates a pathology: paralysis of one side of the body) without having much info on this band.

Now on the band’s website, we all can find a lot of info about the band: the origin and the project, full of details. So I spread the word with them: http://www.heartsmusic.com. Really interesting the whole, a band initially formed by fifteen year old Nini Fabi (from Ohio) and Ben Gebert (from Germany)  and later on enlarged up to five members Garrett Lenner (guitar), Derek McWilliams (bass), and Jonathan Schmidt (drums) only when Fabi and Gebert moved to NY where they met all others group’ members.

It was in their Brooklyn apartment that the all is realized, the romantic story of the inception of a band, “like the fantasy of many young musicians who seek out Brooklyn as the backdrop to their musical love affair” as they stated on haertsmusic.com.

And now after the EP Hemiplegia which is for sure the synthesis of the band’ sound and “emotional aesthetics”, I’m going a little bit backwards exploring all the materials on the band and finding out this general feeling – a melancholic feeling that is also hopeful and warm with a bit of darkness – as Fabi stated. Check the video All the days, a magic piece on love and memory which disappeared at the crack of dawn inevitably.

Love at first sight.

From your Undercover Agent,