Woodkid, sparkling talent


Yoann Lemoine is not a simple musician. He’s a 360 degree artist: music video director, songwriter, graphic designer and now he is Woodkid too.

Born in Lyon, Yoann moved across France and UK to follow visual courses, work in Luc Besson’s crue and with Sofia Coppola as well.

We already knew him as director of Lana Del Ray’s Born To Die and Blue Jeans, but also Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and more others…many projects that has brought him to be nominated as Best Video Director at MTV Music Award but, in the end, during one of those video shooting he met the guitarist Richie Havens which gave him a banjio.

The story of Woodkid starts from that moment.

Yoann is an all-encompassing artist and his talent emerges from each aspect of his work: video, music or songwriting and now, after the huge success of the first EP Iron and the release of the album The Golden Age on March 18, 2013, it’s time for Lemoine to reinvent his own successful hit Iron with the help of a quintet. Essential, minimal, the piece is now more intense than ever.

A great voice, a visionnaire artist, an unpredictable genius.

From your Undercover Agent,