Cults – High Road…my new obsession

Cults - upcoming album Static - October 2013

From NY city – for instance, NY scene is giving to the music industry great productions with a new sound, the coolest I’ve heard since a while – Cults are a duo band strongly representative of a new style made in the City.

Madelin Follin and Brian Oblivion combined vocals and obsessive drum and bass lines into a unique flavor which remember the sound of Manhattan: small and crowded clubs, attention to details – especially in terms of basslines – and a perfect I don’t care style painted on their faces which give them the attitude of a posh indie-pop band.

After the melodies of the first album Cults in 2011, the forth coming new release Static is launched with this new more aggressive song – High Road – and, for the first time, a video too. With a more ambitious sound – I definitely prefer this new mood – the video is a wonderful piece remembering an Hitchcock movie: incredibly stylistic in a total back and white mood….and eerie enough… of Vertigo memory.

My week end obsession.

From your Undercover Agent,