Let me touch the Sky

Singer, songwriter, definitely rocker and at the same time model and actress…an explosive mixture that will launch Sky Ferreira up in the star system. This is not just the “recipe” made by a smart music-industry executive but the willingness to emerge of a cute, resolute girl wit a rock soul!

From the first full-length album, Night Time, My Time, expected within 2013, the first single is less pop than Everything is Embarrassing of 2012 and a little bit rock…and I like it.

I’m really fall in love for the bad girl depicted in this new video You’re Not The One…Studded jacket, shaggy blonde hairs while sexy wearing a “I wanna bite you” look upon her face, she seems to say “Hey you, I’m Sky”.

Stay tuned everybody, 90’s are back again. A passion.

From your Undercover Agent,