SBTRKT: means creation from subtraction

SBTRKT (pronounced “subtract”) is the musical project arisen from the Londoner Dj and producer, Aaron Jerome.
Hidden under the native ceremonial masks designed by Hidden Place, SBTRKT – well, Jerome – plays an essential mixture of dubstep, two-steps and house music, greatly produced.

Even if the LP – the first one with a nom de plume – is been released in 2011, it’s right now that SBTRKT is strongly coming to the attention of a larger public. Like Moby found his celebrity a few years after the album Play has been released, SBTRKT will soon played in the best clubs.

The secret about the name hold the philosophy which conveys the meaning of a great job in few words: “the name SBTRKT is me taking myself away from the whole process – Jerome speaks”.

Fluo colors, hypnotic atmospheres and the 3d version of this video emphasize SBTRKT’s polished sound.
I do like play it and play it again.

From you Undercover Agent,